The End is Near!

This past Saturday (February 17th) was the Scrimmage, in which 26 teams came together to practice for competitions. Later on this week we will hopefully have some pictures and videos available, but currently, we are having technical difficulties. We only have a summary for now.

When we first got to Corvallis High School, we had a rough start. Arriving at 8:00, we immediately set up our area and started to check over the robot. With this, we did some tests with the functions, which didn’t turn out so well, as we broke a vital piece of the robot. Over the course of the day, our problems included breaking the robot, coding errors, trouble with connecting to the robot, dead batteries, and so on. Despite all that, at the end of the day, we got it all sorted out and were able to have fun and compete. The day lasted until 4:00, in which we then had to pack up and go home. All in all, the day was a success and was incredibly fun for all of us.

In addition to that, today, February 20, is the end of the building season, otherwise known as Bag & Tag day. Tonight at 9:00 p.m., we’ll stop all of our building and bag it up until competitions. No pressure, right? Fingers crossed, we’ll get everything that needs to be done finished by then. And so far, it looks as though we’ll be fine.

Anyways, wish us luck!

The Scrimmage Is Near!

We’re hurrying to finish up the robot, as the scrimmage is this Saturday. With that, we will officially have began competitions. Tomorrow we’re devoting the whole day to the robot. Same with Sunday and Monday because Tuesday is Bag & Tag, where we are supposed to be done with the robot and stop altering it.

In other news, we have a new PR member! Jimmy Lande recently left us as he transferred to a new school, and in his place rose another. Welcome, Kayla Vaughn, the sophomore of our group!

Real Kayla Vaughn Robotics Pic

We Have Some Guests

Progress with the robot is coming along and we’ll hopefully have it up and runningĀ  by next week on the 17th for the Scrimmage game. To help us to do that, this weekend we have some engineers over so that we could get a professional perspective on the robot. And so far, they’ve been incredibly helpful as they help us work out the kinks with some of our plans. So things are going just about as well as they can. Wish us luck!

We’re On The Cover!

A couple of months ago Blachly Lane Electric came by to the LakerBots headquarters and interview us and take some pictures of us in action. (A special thanks to Pam Spettel for doing that!) This was for the monthly magazine that they have for their customers, and they thought that it would be cool to look into what we were doing! That was back in December and this month they released the magazine in which we are featured. And surprise! We’re on the front cover! In addition to that, we also have a short article on us as well. Here they are:

Attempt 1

Total Article

Anyways, we’re making steady progress with the robot. Everything is going smooth and it looks as though we’ll be ready for competitions!


Things Are Going Steady!

Not much new is going on. We’re working on the robot and coding various things. We’re coming up with some ideas of how to decorate the robot, so we’ll probably have some lights and engravings.

Thank you everyone for being so supportive, especially our mentors who have been working so hard.


We’re Making Progress!

The LakerBots finally have decided on a design! We plan for the robot to be able to access the entire court as it will have extending vertical arms that can put the blocks in all the switches, no matter the height. We’re also going to be able to climb as the end of the game demands.

At the moment, we’re weighting out pieces to make sure that we don’t go over the weight limit and smoothing over kinks. Work on the first draft of the robot has began and is going well.

Aside from that, the people behind the scenes are busy as we all try to reach out and keep in contact with out sponsors and also gather new sponsors. Its all a little tiring, but we all are enjoying out time together and are filled with ideas. Wish us luck!

Home Away From Home

Robotics team has truly become a second home to us all. We spend time everyday after school together working and designing and also plan to meet on the weekends to work even more. As a team, we grow stronger, and as people, we grow closer. And together, we watch the reveal video over and over again until we can quote it. If you guys want to see the reveal, here’s the link!

We’re Brainstorming

On January 6th, the challenge for this year’s season was revealed and we immediately started thinking of ideas for this year’s robot. We spent a long day on Saturday, as we woke up 4:30 a.m., was at school at 5:30, and then went to Corvallis to watch the reveal. We then got back at 10:00 a.m. From there, we started studying the rules and planning several robots until 4:00 p.m.

Now, as we have school, we’re meeting everyday after school to plan further and work out all the kinks of the game. What we have so far is looking good! Wish us luck!

FRC Team from Triangle Lake