Build Season Ends

Well the time has flown by on another build season. We bagged up our robot “Ralph Murphy” at 11:59 PM. The 6 weeks of the build season seems like it went faster this year. There will be a sweet video of the bag and tag posted in the next couple days that you will not want to miss. We mentors are so very proud of our kids for pushing through the pain, mental anguish and loooooooooooong hours (especially the last 5 days). You guys took an idea of a robot on January 9th and built that robot in 6 weeks. Now it is time for us all to get some sleep, and catch up on the things we have neglected in the last 6 weeks. To the parents, thank you for supporting your children and the team through the insanity of the build season. To my fellow mentors, we survived build season!