District Championship Bound

This week the LakerBots will pack up Ralph Murphy and head to Portland to compete in the Pacific Northwest Division Championship. The top 64 teams in Oregon, Washington and Alaska all compete for a shot at being one of the top 24 teams which qualifies you for the FRC World Championship. The Lakerbots enter the competition ranked 38th in the District with 74 points. This is the highest seed the Lakerbots have ever had as well as the most District points going into the District Championship.  The Lakerbots are 13 points behind the 24th place team. Points at the District Championship are tripled from the normal values so the Lakerbots stand a good chance of moving up if Ralph does well. If you are interested the Event runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Memorial coliseum in Portland. Come out and cheer us on, we love to see smiling Lakerbot fan faces when we are on the field.

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