The End is Near!

This past Saturday (February 17th) was the Scrimmage, in which 26 teams came together to practice for competitions. Later on this week we will hopefully have some pictures and videos available, but currently, we are having technical difficulties. We only have a summary for now.

When we first got to Corvallis High School, we had a rough start. Arriving at 8:00, we immediately set up our area and started to check over the robot. With this, we did some tests with the functions, which didn’t turn out so well, as we broke a vital piece of the robot. Over the course of the day, our problems included breaking the robot, coding errors, trouble with connecting to the robot, dead batteries, and so on. Despite all that, at the end of the day, we got it all sorted out and were able to have fun and compete. The day lasted until 4:00, in which we then had to pack up and go home. All in all, the day was a success and was incredibly fun for all of us.

In addition to that, today, February 20, is the end of the building season, otherwise known as Bag & Tag day. Tonight at 9:00 p.m., we’ll stop all of our building and bag it up until competitions. No pressure, right? Fingers crossed, we’ll get everything that needs to be done finished by then. And so far, it looks as though we’ll be fine.

Anyways, wish us luck!

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