Sorry for being late with updates…

Sorry for being so late with updates for the LakerBots, but we’ve been a little busy. We got back Saturday really late, and then Sunday we all had to do our homework as the following week were the start of finals for us all. But aside from homework, we’ve looked over he robot some and prepared for Wilsonville. Then yesterday, Thursday March 8, we packed into the bus and drove off for our next competition in Wilsonville. The schedule is identical to that of Clackamas, as we arrived in Wilsonville and set up the pit for the following day. Then today was the actual matches! And this time, we’ve been doing much better! Currently were ranked 11, and have won the majority of our games. We’ve had minimal problems with the robot and are going strong. Wish us luck!

Previously, In The Competitions…

So far the competitions have not been the best. In several matches of our’s, we broke some piece of the robot so we haven’t been able to function properly. It seems that our robot is somewhat fragile because we can’t seem to permanently fix it. As soon as we fix one thing, another pops up, making it seem like an endless cycle. Consequently, we aren’t ranked the best, as we currently rank 29 out of the 37 teams here. For tomorrow’s semi-finals, we need to rank at least 28, as only the first 28 teams get to participate in those competitions.

But aside from that, things are going well and we’re all having fun watching the matches, even despite the stress we feel. If you guys want to keep updated live, then go check out our twitter (at Lakerbots5085‏ @lakerbots5085) as I’m updating that constantly. Anyways, wish us luck!

We’re Here!

Yesterday, March 1, we arrived in Clackamas for the competitions. Last night, we spent four hours in the competition area setting up our pit and finishing last minute details. This morning, we all then woke early so that we could get to the competitions right as the doors opened at 8. So now, the guys are touching up the robot and going through inspections. The battles will start at about 11, and we’re in the third match on the blue team for our first battle.

We’ll keep you guys updated! Wish us luck!