Thank You Daimler

Huge thank you from the LakerBots to Daimler Corporation!!! Daimler trucks has made a significant investment in FIRST programs this season in our state. The Daimler-KGW partnership is making a huge difference for teams at all levels of FIRST participation. Team 5085 is humbled and honored to have received a grant that puts us on extremely solid financial footing, and which is likely to impact us even beyond this season. THANK YOU DAIMLER TRUCKS!!!

Lakerbots attend FIRST Fare

Saturday October 24th the Lakerbots attended the annual F.I.R.S.T. Fare at Gladstone High School in Gladstone, OR.  A great time of learning and bonding was had by all students and mentors.  A lot of great information was passed along to our team and we look forward to the coming season to put that knowledge to great use.