Event Team

Our event team consists of several members as there are several functions that need to be filled during the actual robot competitions. We have our drivers, Weston McAllister and Zach Pennel, that work together to move and function the robot. Weston navigates the robot and Zach controls the robot’s other functions, such as climbing a rope or picking something up. Then we also have a coach that gives advice and helps us we needed, this usually being our graduated veteran, Noah Alley.

The additional positions of the team vary then from year to year. Last year we had a human player on the field for the first time. This position being filled by Isaac Kwake last year. Then this year, there is also a technician role, this person preparing the bot before a match and resetting the field after the match. This year the position will be filled by Chris Pearce.

FRC Team from Triangle Lake