Drive Team

Our Drive team consists of several members as there are a lot of functions that need to be filled during the actual robot competitions. Here we have our veteran drivers, Weston McAllister and Zach Pennel, that work together to move and function the robot. Weston and Zach are both very skilled drivers, and are quite possibly one of the best drive teams in the world.  Given that they are now seniors who started driving when they were freshman. Then we have our drive coaches, who give advice and essentially act as a mentor to our drive team. This role is usually filled by our graduated veteran driver Noah Alley, or by our Chief Representative, Isaac Kwake.

The additional positions of the team vary from year to year, Which will usually come in the form of human players and technicians. Technicians are people who take the robots to the playing field and help reset the fields once a match has been played. While human players interact with the field itself and usually will supply game elements to the robots while in play. These roles are usually filled by member’s Ryan Vitus and Chris Pearce.