Things Are Going Steady!

Not much new is going on. We’re working on the robot and coding various things. We’re coming up with some ideas of how to decorate the robot, so we’ll probably have some lights and engravings.

Thank you everyone for being so supportive, especially our mentors who have been working so hard.


We’re Making Progress!

The LakerBots finally have decided on a design! We plan for the robot to be able to access the entire court as it will have extending vertical arms that can put the blocks in all the switches, no matter the height. We’re also going to be able to climb as the end of the game demands.

At the moment, we’re weighting out pieces to make sure that we don’t go over the weight limit and smoothing over kinks. Work on the first draft of the robot has began and is going well.

Aside from that, the people behind the scenes are busy as we all try to reach out and keep in contact with out sponsors and also gather new sponsors. Its all a little tiring, but we all are enjoying out time together and are filled with ideas. Wish us luck!

Home Away From Home

Robotics team has truly become a second home to us all. We spend time everyday after school together working and designing and also plan to meet on the weekends to work even more. As a team, we grow stronger, and as people, we grow closer. And together, we watch the reveal video over and over again until we can quote it. If you guys want to see the reveal, here’s the link!

We’re Brainstorming

On January 6th, the challenge for this year’s season was revealed and we immediately started thinking of ideas for this year’s robot. We spent a long day on Saturday, as we woke up 4:30 a.m., was at school at 5:30, and then went to Corvallis to watch the reveal. We then got back at 10:00 a.m. From there, we started studying the rules and planning several robots until 4:00 p.m.

Now, as we have school, we’re meeting everyday after school to plan further and work out all the kinks of the game. What we have so far is looking good! Wish us luck!

Build Season Is Coming Up!

The LakerBots are working hard and studying for the upcoming build season. This Saturday, this year’s game will be revealed and we’ll then start brainstorming for our robot. All we know know is that the game will be arcade game based. You can watch the teaser for this upcoming season at this link:

After the reveal, the Build Season will start and we’ll have six weeks to design and build our robot. In those six weeks, we’ll be staying after school multiple times a week for hours and we’ll also be meeting on weekends to spend a day building. Its a busy time for us, so wish us luck!


Happy Holidays! And We Have A GoFundMe Page!

Hey LakerBot families, we hope you are all enjoying the holidays. The LakerBots have been working hard this fall to prepare for the upcoming season beginning with the International Unveiling, January 6, 2018. The Unveiling is where the exciting rules and criteria for this years theme and robotics competition challenge are presented. The team drives to OSU to watch the live international streaming event and pick up our Kit of Parts. Every year we learn more about how to be financially sustainable. This year we started early. The Team has been reaching out to local businesses this Fall seeking partnership and support. The students are even going out over winter break to fund raise. We have started a GoFundMe page to connect with friends and family. . We have a goal to get 50 donations of any size before the unveiling. We are asking your support on behalf of the team. We hope you will forward the link to others who are Robotics, or kids-doing-great-things fans. The Lakerbots can surely use everyone’s help. Please help us get the word out. Thank you again and Happy Holidays. Please share the link with your family! Click here to support Lakerbots 2018 organized by Ilka Pearce LAKERBOTS # 5085 Triangle Lake Charter School FRC Robotics Team The 2018 Season is upon us. We need your support. Thank you to last year’s supporters… GOFUNDME.COM

Thank You to Our Sponsors

At the beginning of this school year, we went out to the community to visit our sponsors and see if we could gather any new supporters. We would like to give a big thanks to our Platinum sponsors Oregon Department of Education and Paktech. Also thank you to our Diamond Sponsors Eagle Veneer, Women’s Care Physicians & Surgeons, Guaranty Chevrolet, and Maverick Hardware. Then thank you to our Gold sponsors, MultiCraft Plastics, John Baxter, and Western Structures. Finally, thank you to our Silver sponsors Signs Now, Shelton Turnbull Printing, McAllister Family Farm, Mike McAllister, and Barncraft.

This year, the number of our supporters is bigger than its ever been. Though as we improve in competitions and as a team, so does our budget. We are very thankful to our sponsors and look forward to the bright future that we will create together.

If you would like to sponsor us, contact us at our email:

Or visit us at our Facebook at:

Or at our Instagram at:

Or at our Twitter at:

We’re Back!

Above are some of our new members, now acting as our Media/Marketing Team. From left to right, they’re Katarina Dutton, Abby Gangle, and Simran Khinda.

Hey fellow Lakerbots! We’re back for a new season, and with that, we have some new changes. We have some new members, a media/marketing team, and members in training. This year we are going to try and reach out more to our surrounding community, such as by updating our social media on a more regular basis. We plan to work hard this year and hope that this will be our best year yet.


Season has come to an end

The Lakerbots season came to an end this past weekend at the District Championship. We finished 6-6 with 25 ranking points. We had a couple bad matches on day 1 with the robot malfunctioning and it cost us a chance at getting drafted. Overall it was a great season for us filled with ups and down, trials and successes. I am very proud of our team for persevering through to the very end and never giving up on that shot at making it to the World Championship. The Lakerbots will continue to work hard in our off season with our fundraising and our acquiring of new skills that will benefit us in upcoming years. We want to thank all the parents for allowing your kids to spend what seemed like endless hours, throughout the build season, in the shop working on the robot. We want to thank all our sponsors for everything that you have given us this year be it parts, money, or use of a vehicle and trailer to get too and from competitions. We want to thank all the mentors. You selflessly sacrificed hundreds of hours of your time over the course of the season to help the Lakerbots not only get the robot built, but to get the robot  functional and get the Lakerbots ready for competitions. It truly was a team effort this year with everyone contributing in some way shape or form that in the end helped us to be successful. Bring on the offseason and being able to sleep again. GO LAKERBOTS!

FRC Team from Triangle Lake