District Championship Bound

This week the LakerBots will pack up Ralph Murphy and head to Portland to compete in the Pacific Northwest Division Championship. The top 64 teams in Oregon, Washington and Alaska all compete for a shot at being one of the top 24 teams which qualifies you for the FRC World Championship. The Lakerbots enter the competition ranked 38th in the District with 74 points. This is the highest seed the Lakerbots have ever had as well as the most District points going into the District Championship.  The Lakerbots are 13 points behind the 24th place team. Points at the District Championship are tripled from the normal values so the Lakerbots stand a good chance of moving up if Ralph does well. If you are interested the Event runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Memorial coliseum in Portland. Come out and cheer us on, we love to see smiling Lakerbot fan faces when we are on the field.

Philomath Competition

This week the LakerBots will be competing in the PNW District event at Philomath. We load in on Thursday evening and have matches Friday and Saturday. We look forward to another great competition with at least two of the PNW powerhouse teams going to be in attendance it will make for some great competition for everyone. If we do well we will likely qualify for the PNW District tournament in April. This would be a big accomplishment for our team as we will have qualified without the aid of “Rookie Bonus Points” for the first time in team history. So if you find yourself looking for some fun on Friday or Saturday come on out to Philomath High School and cheer all of the teams on, but cheer louder for the Lakerbots.

Competition One in the books

The Lakerbots competed this past weekend at the Pacific Northwest Region event in Wilsonville, Oregon. It was a good showing for the Lakerbots. We overcame adversity in our first few matches where a motor wire was making sporadic connection and sometimes not functioning properly to finish out the qualification tournament ranked 4th. We ended up being the captain of the #3 Alliance in the playoffs. We did really well in the quarterfinals and advanced to the semifinals. In the first semifinal match our robot, Ralph Murphy, lost communication with the field (first time all event for us) and we sat dead on the field. Our Alliance still managed to score 80 pts but our opponents scored 120. This left us with a HUGE point gap to make up in match 2 so our team attempted a “Go Big or Go Home” strategy of modifying one of the Alliance robots to block the shooter on the other team. We called our timeout after the other semifinal match finished and in that 6 minutes we added 2 totes and a metal shelf to the robot, “secured” it all with duct tape, got it inspected and approved, and got it back out on the field. It was an insane six minutes but we made it. The match then started and things were going well. The other two robots were taking down defenses and the 3rd robot was defending against the shooter. Then it all went wrong. The driver of the defense robot got a little over anxious and flipped the robot around a bit too hard and the defensive contraption all fell off on the field instantly causing a disabling by the wonderful FTA team.  Right after that the 2nd Alliance robot flipped while attempting to cross the moat and could not get themselves upright. This left our robot alone to finish out the match. In the end we only scored 50 points that match but all of the drive teams on our Alliance agreed it was the most fun we have had in a match. We all congratulated each other on a great run through the playoffs. We finished in 4th possibly 3rd place (due to a possible red card dq’ing an alliance) and we were very proud of the effort put in my mentors and kids to get Ralph running in the last 2 weeks. Our next competition is Philomath were we hope to improve on our results.

Build Season Ends

Well the time has flown by on another build season. We bagged up our robot “Ralph Murphy” at 11:59 PM. The 6 weeks of the build season seems like it went faster this year. There will be a sweet video of the bag and tag posted in the next couple days that you will not want to miss. We mentors are so very proud of our kids for pushing through the pain, mental anguish and loooooooooooong hours (especially the last 5 days). You guys took an idea of a robot on January 9th and built that robot in 6 weeks. Now it is time for us all to get some sleep, and catch up on the things we have neglected in the last 6 weeks. To the parents, thank you for supporting your children and the team through the insanity of the build season. To my fellow mentors, we survived build season!

Stronghold in full effect

The Lakerbots got our challenge on January 9th.  This years game is called Stronghold.  Check out the game reveal video here. The Lakerbots are excited about this challenge and we have been feverishly working on  the design of our robot.  Here is a time-lapse of yesterday’s exciting day.

Thank You Daimler

Huge thank you from the LakerBots to Daimler Corporation!!! Daimler trucks has made a significant investment in FIRST programs this season in our state. The Daimler-KGW partnership is making a huge difference for teams at all levels of FIRST participation. Team 5085 is humbled and honored to have received a grant that puts us on extremely solid financial footing, and which is likely to impact us even beyond this season. THANK YOU DAIMLER TRUCKS!!!

FRC Team from Triangle Lake