PR Team

Hi! We are your new PR team nerds, Elainna, and Hannah, we are the ones who bring you the latest updates and info about our team. Now we have had issues with accessing our websites and social media platforms in the past, so we have not been able to update as often. But we are back in business now and are able to make regular updates once more!

Hello, my name is Hannah Warren and this is my first year in robotics. I am a junior in highschool and passionate about all things involving the internet, and editing photos. (I am nerd). What I really love about robotics is watching our team work together and grow more as a family as we go along during the season. Now I currently, manage the website, twitter, and instagram pages with my partner in crime Elainna McAllister! Together we shall rule the internetal galaxy!:)

What’s up, FRC fans! I’m your sophomore third year robotics member and Safety Captain, Elainna McAllister, here with Hannah Warren to help bring the news of LakerBot nation online! Along with being a PR member, I am also skilled in being an electrician and planner for the team. For years past, I have seen how well our robots have competed, and have not been able to share our progress. But this year I hope we do even better than ever before, both team and robot wise before this season is done! May the force be with us all.