PR Team

Currently, our PR team consists of four members, all of us being rookies. Our names are Jimmy Lande, Abby Gangle, Katarina Dutton, and Simran Khinda. To help you get to know us more, we each wrote our own introduction.

Jimmy Lande: Hello, I am a freshman this year and I help run the Instagram page. I post pictures to advertise our progress and group. I am the grape headed (I am now blue-haired) nerd of the personal response team.

Abby Gangle: Yo! I’m a freshman and the manager for our Twitter page. This is my first year of robotics and I’m looking forward to improve my communication and marketing skills this year. I enjoy reading and hanging out with my friends. My life also resolves around school and I don’t do much else, so this is helping me get out of the house.

Katarina Dutton: Hi! I am a junior this year, it is my first year in robotics.  I run the facebook page, take pictures and help anyway I can!  I love reading, baking and taking pictures.  My favorite music is Chrvches, Arctic Monkeys and Fall Out Boy.  It’s nice to meet you!

Simran Khinda: Hello! I am a junior this year and it’s my first year of robotics! I help with the Instagram page and contact various potential sponsors. I’m a huge fan of k-pop and vintage street fashion.

FRC Team from Triangle Lake