Team Leaders

On our team we have four experienced people chosen, by the members, to lead our team to victory . First off, we have our fearless team Captain/President, Zach Pennel, a senior and one of the more experienced members of the team.  Along with being a very experienced driver of our robots (See Drive Team), he is also very well versed in our CAD programs and in fact draws a lot of the plans for our robots and builds them. For many years he has led our team through thick and thin, and yet is a very understanding and fair fellow. We could never ask for a better team Captain.

Now we have our SIC/VP, (Second in Command or Vice President) Weston McAllister, another senior who is also part of the drive team. Much like Zach, he is also very experienced in everything he does, he builds, manufactures, welds, and drives a robot like no other. His calm and cool exterior makes him very understanding but  stern when he needs to be. As Darth Vader would say, “The force is strong with this one.”

Que the kwakes! No not really, but when our Chief Representative, Isaac Kwake gets in on the action, things really start shaking. Yet another senior on the team, he’s one of the most outgoing and active members on the team, which makes him perfect for his role as the CP. Along with his role as the CP, he is also skilled in wiring, building welding, and planning, making him one of our most valuable team leaders.

Finally we have our awesome leader in safety, Elainna McAllister!  One of the only sophomores on the team, Elainna’s caring nature combined with the ability to carry out the policies the Team President created, made her an ideal choice to carry on the principles of safety for the team. Her work ethic and stubbornness (along with her safety minions) is what ensures the team stays as safe as they can be. For It is quite evident in the shop and at competitions. However along with her role as a safety captain, she is also very well versed in code, skilled in wiring, and manages our social media accounts. Thus, making her one of the more dynamic and skilled leaders.