Our sponsors support us in various ways, such as printing our brochures, letting us borrow a vehicle, donating metal sheets, and so on. Even just providing snacks to our members is helpful for our team. Sponsorship is not limited to money donations, any help that people can give is appreciated and helpful.

Our robotics team also has sponsorship tiers, which are as following:

Amount Sponsor Level Benefits
$0-$99 or equivalent Supporter A letter of appreciation and your logo and/or name are placed on our website
$100-$499 or equivalent Silver A framed Thank you picture, (plus items above)
$500-$999 or equivalent Gold Your logo and/or name are placed on our promotional material, team banner, and robot if there is room (plus items above)
$1,000-$1,999 or equivalent Diamond Your logo and name are definitely placed on our robot (plus items above)
$2,000-plus or equivalent Platinum All items above and our robot and drive team will visit your place of business or a workplace event.